Events IP combined cutting-edge technology and +10 year's time of industry experience, to create a management platform fully designed for the live-events business sector.

It works as a virtual assistant for management & planning and it allows for task automation, saving time and increasing visibility over the business for decision-making.

The solution is perfect for social and corporate event planners, hotels, catering companies, photo & video providers and all other suppliers of this market niche in general.



PROSPECTS Automate sales-actions and accelerate sales-cycle by increasing traceability.
EVENTS Simplify planning tasks while improving customer service.
CALENDAR Integrate events, reservations and calendar on a single platform.
REPORTS Create custom reports online with ad hoc stats.
CONTACTS Integrate your agenda using the Contact management tool.
WEBSITE Create and modify your corporate website.
MARKETING Develop marketing actions and ads using simple and intuitive tools with sleek design.
PROJECTS Manage projects defining roles, leaders and milestones, indicating timeframes and responsibles.
PAYMENTS AND COSTS Manage collections and DSO´s with a dynamic tool.

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